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Our company is the first and only pioneer firm of Turkey which is producing bench drills. Our main goal as Ekçelik is always to present the best quality machine to the most suitable price to the members of the Global Industry.

The drill benches that we have produced have been the key piece of production from 1976 to the present day. Every industry that manufactures are using our products.

Regardless of which region of the world, big plants in Organize Industrial Zones or small factories located in the Small Industry Sites, all of them are using our bench drills.

For this purpose; Based on the infinite customer happiness and using the resources in the most efficient way, we have been organized to design and produce high quality machines and to provide the necessary services.

– There are less noise, no gaps and optimum runout in our drill benches.

– Our drilling machines are CE certified and conform to CE norms.

– We improve quality at every stage of production.

– We are using resources efficiently.

– Continuity of quality is important for us.

– We are responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the quality assurance system.